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Our practice has been established for 25 years and has a reputation for excellence in Edinburgh and Scotland as a whole.
Cosmetic Surgery Scotland
We believe attention to detail and refinement are crucial in cosmetic surgery where results are often there to be seen.

It is vital that you have realistic expectations about treatment and that you are fully aware of all possible complications that can occur.

Consultant plastic surgeons supervise your care and whichever surgeon you choose will manage your treatment throughout. We adhere to the highest ethical standards expected of doctors and will always advise you of all your options.

Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly commercialised.  You will not find the use of “glossy” models on our website or techniques used to encourage a “hard sell”. A large number of our patients come to us through recommendations from friends or family or are referred by their general practitioners. We hold the view that patients will continue to seek our advice if we continue to provide a high quality of care.

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