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Anti-wrinkle aftercare

Some advice following your anti-wrinkle treatment with us in Edinburgh.


Wrinkle relaxing injections

Wrinkles are a normal part of the ageing process.

They form over time due to repeated use of the muscles we use to express ourselves, coupled with reduced skin elasticity. Factors such as sun exposure, smoking and genetics can affect the severity of wrinkles and the age at which they begin to appear.

Anti-wrinkle and fillers –

When I was considering having anti-wrinkle treatment and fillers for the first time, one name came up again and again – Quaba. My whole experience with Dr Awf Quaba was wonderful. He was so reassuring and explained everything in precise detail. I felt completely at ease and in the safest of hands. The results are better than I could ever have hoped for, I’m absolutely thrilled and delighted. My face looks younger, my expression brighter and softer. So natural – just a better version of myself. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

Poly W

Trustist Dec 2021