Quaba Plastic Surgery

Minor skin surgery aftercare

Please find aftercare information following your minor skin surgery procedure with us.


Before you leave

You will be given instructions on how to look after your wounds. You may be given an antibiotic ointment to apply to the wounds.

Before you leave, a follow-up appointment will be made for you to return in 5-10 days to have your wound checked and for any stitches to be removed.

Before you leave

Wound care

If you have dressings over your wounds then you will be told if they are shower proof or not.

Your wound may be left open (without a dressing) and you may be given an antibiotic ointment to apply 2-3 a day. If this is the case you can shower and bath to keep your wounds clean.

Wound care

Facelift surgery -I felt safe and sound throughout

As an older lady, I was given a realistic expectation of the end result. While in hospital I was well looked after and when we had an unexpected hiccup due to me having been on blood thinners I was readmitted with Mr Quaba Senior on hand at 2.00am to provide care and reassurance. Both Mr Quabas have excellent bedside manners and have the ability to make you feel safe an secure. Unbelievably, I experienced little or no pain (but did look a bit like a Russian astronaut with the bandages round my head). Obviously, there were stitches in front and behind my ear and into my hairline. However, my skin has healed exceptionally well and there is absolutely no sign that work has been done apart from my lovely smooth neck and lack of jowls (which were not attractive).

I was treated with respect and care throughout the process.

Thank you so much Mr Quaba

Maggie Durning

Realself Feb 2019