Information On Post-Surgical Bras

Post-surgical bras are commonly used after breast augmentation surgery (as well as breast lift/ breast reduction). The information below is primarily for women who have had breast implants, but much of it also applies to those who have had a breast lift or breast reduction.

A well-fitting bra made of soft fabric can provide support and comfort during the first few months following breast augmentation.

Following the insertion of implants, the breasts may feel heavy and swell up. There may also be sensory alterations following the lifting of breast tissue that is necessary to insert the implants. The skin may feel oversensitive or numb, and this is usually temporary and takes time to recover. The surgical wounds are also tender, and the healing scar tissue is delicate and can break down if not well protected.

Before the surgical wound closure, the surgeon ensures that the implants are a snug fit within the surgically created pockets. Therefore, bras are not needed to maintain implant position, and they are for support and comfort only.

Post surgical bras

You do not need to wear a bra immediately after your surgery. Usually, your nurse will help you with wearing the bra before you are discharged home. If you do not have a bra in the hospital, you can purchase one after discharge. There is no immediate rush as your dressings will be providing some support in the meantime.

The bra may stay on as long as it feels comfortable and supportive. It does not need to be worn religiously 24/7 and should be worn for at least 3 months after surgery.


  • No underwiring.
  • Seam-free or the seam should be outward-facing.
  • The bra should have adjustable frontal closure. Please avoid bras that need to be pulled over the head.
  • The bra should have adjustable straps.
  • The bra should not put pressure on or dig in the breast crease. Sometimes extra reinforcement below the cup can give additional support.

Good quality surgical bras are available in most department stores (M&S, Tesco, Asda).

A bra make that meets the above criteria can be ordered online: macom post-surgical bras. A recommended bra is the so-called signature compression bra.

The only measurement required is the high street band size (underbust measurement – e.g. 28,30,32,34,36 etc.). Given that the cups of these bras are expandable, the bra moulds to the new cup size.


Breast augmentation aims to enhance the volume and shape of the breasts. A Plastic Surgeon rarely promises a patient a particular cup size given that there are so many manufacturers of bras, and they come in a variety of styles. Also, bra fitters at different Department Stores may use different criteria and come up with different recommendations.

During the initial consultation, your surgeon may give you an idea about the degree of enlargement and set your expectations using trial implants and sometimes scans and photographs. Finding the right cup size may not be straightforward, and some women experience frustration if they only try on their “hoped-for” size when they start shopping for new bras months after surgery. To find a good fit, you may need to try several cup sizes.

Remember that your band size (underbust measurement) is not changed by breast augmentation. Nevertheless, it is worth repeating this measurement because a correct band size is the first step to getting a good fit.

We have no association with any bra manufacturers.

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