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Brow Lift / Eyelid Lift

Heavy brows can make us look tired and contribute to hooding of the outer eyes.

Our brow position has a subtle effect on how others perceive us. Frowning or deep “worry” lines on the forehead give the impression of seriousness or anger, and likewise, a low drooping brow can give the look of tiredness and depression. A low brow contributes to hooding of the upper eyelids.


Brow lift overview

Brow Lift Surgery


Local or General


1-2 Hours


Day case


1 week off work, 6 weeks before strenuous exercise

Brow lift overview

Procedure types


Our preferred option for a brow lift is what is known as a direct brow lift. A direct brow lift involves removing a crescent of skin above the eyebrow, leaving a scar which is usually well hidden at the junction of the upper eyebrow and skin. This gives the most reliable and predictable long-term results.


There are many different types of brow lifts. We have pioneered our minimal access brow lift(using buried sutures), which raises the outer brow to achieve a youthful look to the upper face and eyes. The technique leaves minimal scars, which are hidden in the eyebrow itself and a scar high up in the forehead is hidden in the hairline.

What to expect

You can expect the position of your eyebrows to be lifted.

Initially, your eyebrow position will be overcorrected as there will be a degree of drop in the brow position over the first six months.

A direct brow lift will leave scars in your brow line, and these scars take time to settle down – up to 1 year.

If you have a thread brow lift the scars are hidden in the hairline and there will be no scarring around the brows themselves.

Brow lifting will improve any hooding you have around your upper eyelids.

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What are the risks

The risks of a brow lift include bleeding, infection and unpredictable scarring. In most cases, the scars heal well but in some patients, they can be red for up to 12 months.

With a thread lift, there is the small chance of numbness in the hairline above the incisions. This usually recovers with time.

A slight degree of asymmetry in the brow position is common.