Benign skin lesions

There are a variety of skin lesions that may require removal for diagnostic purposes or cosmetic reasons. The vast majority can be dealt with under local anaesthetic at a ‘one-stop clinic‘. This involves a consultation during which the lesion(s) are removed at the one sitting if deemed appropriate.

Examples of skin lesions commonly treated include, moles, cysts, fatty lumps and scars. Treatment can be achieved in many ways, including, surgical excision, curettage/ shaving and laser. Treatment modality depends on the type of lesion, its location and other patient factors. The aim is for a quick recovery and minimal scarring.

Private mole removal Edinburgh

If you have concerns about a mole (naevus) being cancerous, then you should consult your GP who will be able to refer you urgently to your local NHS dermatology or plastic surgery department. Removal of moles for purely cosmetic reasons is not routinely offered under the NHS.

A plastic surgeon is well trained and able to offer removal of moles in a way that gives you the best cosmetic outcome. Plastic surgeons are usually asked to remove skin lesions that are in cosmetically sensitive areas such as around the eyes, nose, face and lips. Additionally, plastic surgeons are used to dealing with both benign lesions and skin cancers and will usually be able to distinguish between the two on clinical grounds.

Cyst removal

Cysts are very common, and removal is usually recommended as once established, cysts are unlikely to go away on their own. Cysts may become enlarged and infected and require antibiotics or surgical drainage as an emergency. They are best removed while relatively small and when they are not actively infected.