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Mr Ben Aldridge

Consultant Mr Ben Aldridge was first class
Great manner and explained everything simply so I could understand
Would highly recommend him and the Hospital
Would definitely use again

Craig Lees

Trustpilot Feb 24

Mole removal

Rhinoplasty – Faultless

I had rhinoplasty performed by Mr Awf Quaba and the whole process was faultless. He was a lovely man, obviously extremely knowledgeable and experienced, who really listened and made sensible suggestions of what he could achieve. On the day, everything went quickly and smoothly and was home by the evening of surgery. Overall the procedure was painless – I cannot recall feeling any discomfort at all the during recovery period. Nose was blocked and couldn’t taste anything for 3 days but, other than that, no drawbacks at all. Would recommend the procedure with no reservations at all.

Edinburgh 1976

Realself Mar 2019

Rhinoplasty surgery

Anti-wrinkle and fillers –

When I was considering having anti-wrinkle treatment and fillers for the first time, one name came up again and again – Quaba. My whole experience with Dr Awf Quaba was wonderful. He was so reassuring and explained everything in precise detail. I felt completely at ease and in the safest of hands. The results are better than I could ever have hoped for, I’m absolutely thrilled and delighted. My face looks younger, my expression brighter and softer. So natural – just a better version of myself. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

Poly W

Trustist Dec 2021

Botulinum toxin

Eyelid consultation – Perfect result

I would highly recommend Mr Quaba, after explaining the problem I had with puffy eyes thinking I was going to need surgery but he knew immediately what the problem was and how to resolve it. I’d had facial fillers 4 years ago and they had migrated causing my problem he dissolved the fillers and immediately the puffiness had gone in an instant. Should I ever need to have cosmetic surgery I will have no hesitation in having done by Mr Quaba. Thank you.


Realself Feb 2023

Eyelid surgeery

Breast reduction

I had a quite a big breast asymmetry to begin with which i was very unhappy with. after being denied by the NHS 4 times, i found Mr Quaba whilst doing research. From my consultation he has been so honest with me and so calming about the entire procedure. I had my Surgery at the end of august 2022 and i now am at my 6 months op and i couldn’t be happier with my results it has changed my life.


Realself Mar 2023

Breast reduction surgery

Breast uplift

I had the best experience! Dr Quaba managed my expectations and actually listened to what I wanted and I have been shocked at how amazing my breasts look now, since they suit my body and have given me back my confidence and has given me the ability to run without back pain!
Updated on 15 Aug 2022:
I lost over 2 stone over a long period of diet and exercise and my breasts suffered as a result. I’ve always had a heavy chest and the weight loss made it worse. They were droopy and gave me backache and neck problems. Dr Quaba listened to what I wanted and the problems I had and was able to give me a realistic expectations but has definitely surpassed them. He has given me back my confidence and my back and neck pain had gone away. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m glad I picked him to be able to do it!


Realself Aug 2022

Breast uplift surgery

Gynecomastia correction

From start to finish I felt the service I received from Quaba exceptional. Omar was incredible, the results from my surgery was amazing! I had no complications post op and attention to detail was to a very high standard. Throughout my experience I was made to feel very comfortable, confident, relaxed and put in the centre of my care needs. I would highly recommend Omar.


Realself Feb 2023

Gynecomastia surgery

Labiaplasty – from start to finish, amazing

From start to finish dr. Quaba was amazing. I completely trust him. The care I received was just incredible. Dr quaba made himself available at the weekends to answer any questions. I couldn’t be happier with the results.


Realself Sep 2022


Tummy tuck – Wearing Clothes I Wouldn’t Have Looked At Previously

Dr Quaba was the ultimate professional and explained everything in detail from the initial consultation to the the surgery and after. I was completely reassured that I had made the right decision in having the treatment and am absolutely delighted with the results, my confidence is up and I am now wearing clothes I wouldn’t have looked at previously. I am so glad I went with Dr Quaba and this clinic and can’t recommend him highly enough.



Realself May 2022

Tummy tuck

Mummy makeover – Breast reduction and tummy tuck

I am now a little over a year breast reduction/tummy tuck post op, and couldn’t speak any more highly of my experience with Omar Quaba.

From my first consultation to my final follow up, the level of care and detail was wonderful. I was listened to and carefully advised every step of the way, and Omar took great care to find the perfect balance between what I was seeking and what he knew would yield the best results.

My recovery wasn’t entirely straightforward, with the superficial healing taking around 10 weeks. However, this was down to how my body reacted to the some of the stitches, and not a reflection of my surgery or surgeon. I really felt well looked after, and that Omar went above and beyond to keep track of my longer recovery, scheduling additional follow ups with him directly, coming in to attend my nurse check ups on his days away from the hospital, and even asking his father, the renowned Mr Awf Quaba, to check up on me when he wasn’t able to. Its also very obvious how well regarded Omar is amongst staff in the hospital. I remember numerous comments from nurses during my immediate recovery about how he in particular uses the best methods and post care products, it was clear that I was “one of Omar’s”. This was tremendously reassuring in those first few hazy hours after surgery!

The nurses and everybody at Spire Murrayfield were fantastic. The only slight negative was that some of the admin left a lot to be desired – being called in on incorrect days etc.

Now that everything is fully settled, I am delighted with my results. It’s a big adjustment to have a new body, no matter how long you’ve dreamt of it. Emerging from the psychological and social weight of having very large breasts requires another very different type of recovery, and perhaps more could be done to warn you of this. However, every second of it is worth it, just be prepared for that journey!

It is so clear that you are not just another surgery to Omar, his work is his art, and by helping me to reclaim my body after two children and a lifetime of having ridiculously huge breasts, he has truly given me a life.


Realself Feb 2020

Mummy makeover
Best results! 6 months post-op breast augmentation.
I had a breast augmentation done by dr quaba and I am so happy with the results,I was made to feel at ease through the whole experience and I had 0 complications after the procedure, feeling more happy and confident than ever!


Realself Jan 2023

Breast augmentation

Cyst removal – Excellent

Mr Quaba was excellent in dealing with my issue (cyst removal). He explained what would happen, and put me at ease. The procedure was very straightforward. My cyst did return quickly, and Mr Quaba was extremely helpful in explaining what was happening and in very quickly scheduling me in for follow-up procedure. At each stage I felt well informed and I am very happy with Mr Quaba and pleased with the outcome.


Realself Feb 2019

Benign skin lesions

Dr Quaba is the best nose surgeon in the United Kingdom.

I am very happy with the results and after only one week my swelling has improved massively. My breathing is much improved. My vision problems have been elieviated.

After having a bad experience on the NHS I was referred to Dr Quaba in Edinburgh.

A cosmetic surgeon in Glasgow recommended I visit Dr Quaba for an initial consultation. This went well and before pictures were taken. My entire medical history was reviewed and all processes and procedures were dealt with and communicated professionally.

It didn’t take long from my initial consultation to the day of surgery. It only took a few hours and I was home by 8pm. The hospital is clean and well managed , I was surprised at how efficient the entire process was. Hospital nurses were very attentive and caring.

I was given all post op advice and cleaning instructions.

I would recommend Dr Quaba for revision surgery and I would rate the entire process a 10/10.

Very professional consultant surgeon and would use again should I require any other surgical procedures. My self esteem has returned and I am delighted with the results.

Thank you so much again Dr Quaba

Brian Lonsdale

Google March 2023



My experience with Dr Quaba and his team was absolutely excellent. From start to finish, I felt comfortable, reassured and very looked after. I cannot recommend Dr Quaba enough! My first result after one week rhinoplasty is more than I could have hoped for and I’m so pleased with my results. Highly recommend.

Abbie Howie

Google Feb 2023


Upper blepharoplasty

Dr Quaba has now done 3 surgeries for myself breast augmentation, Rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty over the past 10 years.

All my surgeries have been fantastic from start to Finish. Very professional and the most immaculate scarring I have ever seen. Hands down the best surgeon in UK. I recently undergone my blepharoplasty 9 days ago and already the results are amazing and scaring is pretty much none existent. Very happy with outcome. THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. Thank you.


Trustpilot Dec 2023

Upper blepharoplasty

Breast lift with implants – Amazing experience

Mr Omar Quaba was brilliant from start to finish with my procedure. I experienced a very professional and honest journey and had full trust in him as a surgeon for my complex procedure.

My results have turned out amazing and I can’t believe the difference from my before and after pictures which he kindly sent me over.

I Would highly recommend to anyone and can’t be thankful enough for making me feel a lot better within myself.


Realself Nov 2018

Breast uplift surgery

Labiaplasty – Amazing Surgeon! Amazing Result!

I had my procedure done in March 2022.
Had thought about it for years before finally deciding to go ahead.
Mr Quaba was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish.
He explained everything in detail, allowing me to make an informed decision regarding my surgery.
Honest, professional and amazing at what he does.
I am absolutely delighted that I went ahead and so happy that I chose Mr Quaba to perform the procedure.
I could not have asked for a better surgeon, or a better result.


Realself Aug 2022

Labiaplasty surgery

Facelift surgery – I found a great surgeon!

Having never forayed into the world of cosmetic surgery, I feel I was very fortunate to find Mr Quaba.
Murrayfield Hospital supplied me with a list of surgeons upon my initial query regarding a neck/lower facelift and I looked through each of their profiles and kept coming back to the Quaba practice.

From my first consultation, Mr Quaba put me at ease and gave me very realistic expectations of the outcome if I chose to go for surgery. He explained all the risks involved and confirmed everything we discussed in writing, which gave me the time and the opportunity to fully consider if this was the right choice for me.

I went ahead with the neck and lower facelift a few months later and felt completely safe in Mr Quaba’s hands. He has an excellent gentle manner. I also love the fact that he and his father work together. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

I am so glad I opted for my surgery and am very happy with the results.


Realself May 2019

Facelift surgery

Chin fillers – Brilliant experience

Always friendly, informative and helpful. Made you feel comfortable and always provided an honest opinion about what would be the best course of action. Did a wonderful job, very pleased with the results. Would definitely recommend as the results have had a positive effect on my self-confidence levels and the healing time was both fast and pain-free.


Realself May 2019

Chin/cheek surgery

Breast augmentation – Outstanding results


Mr Quaba (Omar) took time to understand what I was looking to achieve and guided me on what would be the best results for my physique and body shape.
I am athletic and wanted a really natural result and Mr Quaba genuinely exceeded my expectations. Thoroughly professional, down to earth and understanding of your requirements.


Realself May 2019

Breast implant surgery

Breast augmentation – 5 star

I was more than happy with Dr Omar Quaba from my first consultation till my 6-month post opp. Dr Quaba is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable, there is no pressure what so ever. Every option is spoken about even the option of not needing to have the surgery done which makes you know he cares about each individual patient not just the business he is receiving. The results i have are more than what i imagined and have made me much happier. I would recommend Dr Quaba to anyone who is thinking of having surgery.


Realself May 2019

Breast implant surgery

Male breast reduction – Dr Quaba is truly exceptional

Dr Omar Quaba is definitely one of the best gynecomastia surgeons in the country and I would wholeheartedly recommend him. Start to finish, the whole process was exceptional. Starting with consultation, it was extremely informative and there was always a feeling of care rather than the pressure of sales and Dr Quaba took time to answer all the questions, I had. In fact, he also agreed to see me for a second consultation to clear all my doubts without charging a consultation fee. The operation process was extremely smooth and the all inclusive package with Spire is definitely recommended which includes an overnight stay (meals included) with 24 hr nurse care. Postoperative care was truly exceptional as Dr Quaba always had time to respond to my emails and calls and any issues I had. I learnt from the process that patience is key and with time, you would get the desired result. The body needs a bit of time to heal and post 6 months, true results will be reflected. I can’t thank Dr Quaba enough for the great result. It’s not even a year since I had this operation and when I look in the mirror, even with a microscopic lens, it won’t be possible to determine that there was any surgery done in the concerned area as there are no scars and no marks. Dr Quaba in true sense is a genius.

If you are really looking for surgical treatment for Gynecomastia, go straight to him and it would be the best decision you would have taken in your life, I guarantee.


Realself Oct 2018

Gynecomastia surgery

Breast augmentation – Very happy

After spending a lot of time researching I decided to book a consultation with Quaba Plastic Surgery. During my consultation, Dr Quaba explained all the risks involved with the surgery and made sure I fully understood these. I did not feel pressured at any point to go ahead with booking the breast augmentation. Dr Quaba was very knowledgeable and honest. On the morning of my operation, I met with Dr Quaba and the anaesthetist, I was given the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns. I felt very anxious but Dr Quaba made me feel at ease.  I’m extremely pleased with the care and treatment I received during my stay in hospital. I just attended my 6 month check-up with Dr Omar and I’m very happy with my results.


Realself Mar 2019

Breast implant surgery

Facelift surgery -I felt safe and sound throughout

As an older lady, I was given a realistic expectation of the end result. While in hospital I was well looked after and when we had an unexpected hiccup due to me having been on blood thinners I was readmitted with Mr Quaba Senior on hand at 2.00am to provide care and reassurance. Both Mr Quabas have excellent bedside manners and have the ability to make you feel safe an secure. Unbelievably, I experienced little or no pain (but did look a bit like a Russian astronaut with the bandages round my head). Obviously, there were stitches in front and behind my ear and into my hairline. However, my skin has healed exceptionally well and there is absolutely no sign that work has been done apart from my lovely smooth neck and lack of jowls (which were not attractive).

I was treated with respect and care throughout the process.

Thank you so much Mr Quaba

Maggie Durning

Realself Feb 2019

Facelift surgery

Breast reduction – Incredible Dr, incredible outcome. Best decision I’ve ever made

I first contacted Dr Omar Quaba when I was looking into breast reduction surgery. From the initial consultation, I knew I was in safe hands. What I liked best, was that Dr Quaba didn’t rush me into making any decisions. He wanted to ensure I fully understood the risks, and also for me to see the scarring that would occur. This was done using a portfolio so I could see first hand what to expect. My surgery was discussed in depth, with Dr Quaba listening to my thoughts whilst being realistic about the outcome. I would highly recommend Dr Quaba and if I needed anything in the future, he would absolutely be my first port of call.


Realself Feb 2019

Breast reduction surgery

Rhinoplasty – I had a great experience

I had a great experience with this surgeon. I had my rhinoplasty surgery in August 2018. After a long time thinking about having the surgery, I decided to book. I had read a lot of reviews on different surgeons before I decided on Quaba.

I am delighted with the result. Wish I had done it sooner.


Realself Jan 2019

Rhinoplasty surgery

Breast augmentation – Wish I’d done it earlier

The service I received from Dr O Quaba was excellent, from initial consultation to post-op aftercare.
He understood exactly what I wanted and 6 months on I am delighted with the natural result he created.

Highly recommend!


Realself Feb 2019

Breast implant surgery

Tummy tuck and Lipo

I had wanted tummy tuck for a time, after 2 pregnancies, had left a large volume of excess skin.
Mr Omar Quaba was excellent from my initial consultation, he was approachable and I felt reassured, all the way to aftercare. I am delighted with the results. I would definitely recommend this surgeon.


Realself Feb 2019

Tummy tuck surgery

Breast augmentation – Great experience and great results

I was extremely happy with my experience with Dr Omar Quaba from my initial consultation, my procedure and follow up. He is professional, reassuring and kept me very informed throughout. I felt very comfortable with him and would thoroughly recommend him. I got a great result as well and am so so happy.


Realself Jan 2019

Breast implant surgery

Breast Reduction – An A experience with great results and a fantastic surgeon

If you are thinking about this….. do it! I wish I had had my breast reduction years ago. Omar Quaba will reassure you, explain everything and answer any questions you have. He is an amazing surgeon and very kind and approachable. I would recommend him for any plastic surgery, I have fantastic results and I am so happy with the result. It has made a huge difference to my life.

Suzi Jackson

Realself Jan 2019

Breast reduction surgery

Breast implants – Trusting experience

Dr O Quaba was Very helpful when giving advice to what type and size of implant would be best for me and my lifestyle as a busy Mum and full-time fitness lecturer/instructor. He was friendly, understanding and approachable. Dr O Quaba was happy to answer all questions and explained every query I had to give me full understanding before, on the day of surgery and during my post op aftercare.


Realself Jan 2019

Breast implant surgery

Breast reduction – First class experience

After considering breast reduction surgery for many years, I decided in 2017 to take the plunge. After a colleague recommend Quaba Plastic Surgery, I booked a consultation with Omar Quaba and never looked back. From the first consultation, Omar made me feel at complete ease, which wasn’t an easy job as I was a nervous wreck and explained the entire process in full and frank detail to ensure I had all the facts before making my decision. My reduction was to be a significant one, I was a 34JJ, and Omar made sure I left that consultation with realistic expectations of the possible result of the surgery and the recovery process. I had a lot to think about, however I was convinced leaving the surgery that day that should I go ahead with the surgery Omar Quaba was the surgeon I wanted to do it as I had never felt as comfortable talking about the negative effects my large breast were causing me, having spent years making jokes about them, and to be honest that was the deal breaker for me. From the moment I arrived at the hospital every single member of the team where outstanding, they made sure I was comfortable, explained the process step by step and quickly realised humour was my coping mechanism so we had a few laughs along the way. The Aftercare was exceptional and the result of the surgery was amazing, so far beyond my expectations, I was actually a little overwhelmed and absolutely delighted with my new 34F’s. I can not recommend Omar Quaba and his team more highly, true professionals in every sense.


Realself Nov 2018

Breast reduction surgery

Breast implant revision – Fantastic, couldn’t be happier

Fantastic. I am so happy I went to Mr A Quaba. Would highly recommend him. After 2 failed breast augmentation’s Mr Quaba had a lot of work to do inside my breast’s and he’s done a fantastic job. I am so happy with the results I can’t thank him enough. I was so worried after my 2nd operation that I would never have the result he has given me. He’s done more than fix my breast he’s also given me my confidence back. He’s a lovely man with a huge heart.


Realself Apr 2019

Breast implant surgery

Eyelid surgery – Very professional

My upper blepharoplasty was a very professional and good experience with Mr Quaba and his team. I felt very taken care of and looked after at all times. I am also extremely pleased with the results although my facial bruising took a few months to disappear. I would not hesitate to recommend this surgeon and his team.


Realself May 2019

Eyelid surgery

Rhinoplasty – Care was exceptional

My only regret is not having the procedure years ago. After paying for a few consultations in other clinics I felt Mr Quaba made me feel most at ease about my Rhinoplasty and explained everything to me. From start to finish all the staff who cared for me were amazing. I felt no pain afterwards and although I had a lot of bruising and swelling this was nearly all gone within 2 weeks. Could not recommend Dr Quaba enough if you are thinking of having a rhinoplasty.


Realself May 2019

Rhinoplasty surgery

Mommy makeover – I wish I had done it years ago!

I had to travel over 300 miles to have a consultation and again to have the surgery so I did lots of research and initially visited 3 different hospitals before deciding on Mr Omar Quaba at the Murrayfield Spire Hospital in Edinburgh. Mr Quaba immediately made me feel at ease and explained the procedure fully (abdominoplasty) and all associated risks and possible complications. I went back home with all the information required to make an informed decision about that procedure.
Mr Quaba agreed to have another (telephone) consultation at my request to discuss an additional procedure (breast reduction & lift) and decided to have the 2 operations at the same time.

As soon as I arrived at the hospital, I knew I was in good hands and Mr Quaba made me feel relaxed and confident. My surgery went very well and I was very pleasantly surprised that it was not nearly as painful as I had expected and I was delighted to have no drains, nor did I have to wear compression garments.
After 2 very comfortable nights in the hospital with wonderful care, I was discharged to stay with friends until my checkup a week later. I was given phone numbers to call had I any worries or problems (which I didn’t) and then 6 months later I met Mr Quaba again for a follow-up appointment.

It was a very positive experience and if I felt I required any further procedures, Mr Quaba would be my 1st choice!


Realself Oct 2018

Tummy tuck surgery

Rhinoplasty – Best money I’ve ever spent!

I had septorhinoplasty in Sep 2018 because my nose was awful – squint, bulbous AND projecting. I would never let anyone take my photo and was extremely paranoid and unhappy with it. I’m now 5 months post surgery and I’m SO glad I did it. It was worth every penny. I am so much more confident in my appearance. I don’t run away from cameras anymore and my overall confidence is so much higher! There’s still quite a bit of swelling there but it already looks so much better, so I’m excited to see how it looks in another 6 months or so.

At my first consultation, Mr Quaba was great, I felt like he took my concerns seriously and he took the time to explain what could be done to improve the appearance of my nose.

I think one thing to bear in mind with rhinoplasty is that you see the final results a LONG time after the actual operation. The swelling isn’t obvious after a couple of weeks and most people won’t think you look strange, but it’s definitely there. My nose was enormous for a few days after the cast came off so I would definitely recommend taking 2 weeks off work if you can… unless you don’t mind walking around with a cast on and a massive nose, but I did!

Overall, great results and really pleasant experience with Mr Quaba and all of the staff at Spire hospital. No complaints whatsoever and I’m very happy with my surgery. Very highly recommended if you’re considering rhinoplasty 🙂


Realself Feb 2019

Rhinoplasty surgery