Facelift Surgery

If you are looking for a fresher look and wish to improve the appearance of your neck and jowls, then a facelift may be an option for you

Awf Quaba has been listed as one of the best facelift surgeons in the UK by Tatler Magazine in their 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Cosmetic Surgery Guide. He operates in Edinburgh but sees patients from the Glasgow and Aberdeen areas as well as other parts of the UK.


facelift is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to deal with the effects of ageing on the neck and lower face. It involves the tightening and removal of loose skin from the neck and cheek areas while at the same time tightening the muscles underneath. There are many ways of performing facelift surgery and the exact method chosen depends on the pattern of ageing. Facial ageing is a complex process that usually begins in our 40s. Some people age faster than others, and this is related to our genetic makeup as well as factors such as smoking, sun exposure and life stresses.

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and less elastic, and we start to see wrinkles which are there all of the time (static wrinkles). Additionally, the effects of gravity cause our soft tissues (ligaments, muscles and fat) to sag and this can show itself in the form of excess skin and folds, such as jowls around the jawline. It is these changes that facelift surgery is designed to counter.

Types of facelift

There are many different facelift procedures and the terminology can be confusing. The most common and effective facelift procedure is the lower face/ neck lift. This works on the jaw line and neck. It involves cuts in front of the ears that extend behind the ears and into the hairline (see photos below). The skin of the lower face is lifted up and tightened along with the underlying muscles (SMAS lift). Once the skin has been tightened the excess skin is removed. The aim is to produce a natural, freshened look.

facelift surgery scotland

Typical facelift markings in front of ear

Facelift surgery edinburgh

Markings behind ear


Short scar or mini facelift

You may be suitable for this type of facelift if your main concern is your jawline and you do not have much loose skin affecting your neck. It is crucial that you understand that a “mini facelift” still leaves scars in the visible areas in front of the ears. Correctly performed surgery will leave these scars well hidden.

facelift scars Scotland

The visible facelift scars


Neck lift alone

A neck lift can be performed in isolation to deal with loose neck skin. A pure neck lift will not, however, deal with jowls and therefore few patients are suitable for this. Additionally, a neck lift on its own may leave some loose skin around the earlobes and for this reason, it is usually performed as part of a lower face/ neck lift. In younger patients, a neck lift can be carried out using liposuction rather than surgery.

Other procedures

A facelift is often combined with other procedures depending on your needs. These procedures include liposuction to the neckfat injection to the cheeks (to give fullness to the cheeks), lower and upper eyelid surgery and a brow lift to address ageing to the upper part of the face. Laser resurfacing can also be carried out at the same time to treat fine wrinkles/ sun spots.

facelift surgery scotland

Facelift surgery with fat transfer to the cheeks

Facelift surgery Edinburgh

Facelift surgery combined with upper and lower eyelid surgery, fat to the cheeks and fillers around the mouth

Patient experience of Facelift at Spire Hospital


How much does it cost?

Lower face/ neck lift from £7000

Consultation £150

All inclusive costs for one year following surgery


Further information

Facelift Surgery Information from BAAPS

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Tatler Best for Facelifts Category 2018

facelift surgery scotland

Before and after facelift surgery (results will vary from patient to patient)


facelift edinburgh

Facelift surgery (results will vary from patient to patient)


Face lift

Type of Anaesthetic

Length of Surgery
2-3 hours (longer when combined with otherprocedures)

Nights in Hosptial

2-3 weeks off work
6 weeks before strenuous exercise


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