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Gynecomastia surgery is a procedure for the treatment of male breast enlargement.

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Male breast reduction or gynecomastia surgery is a procedure used to treat men with enlarged breasts. Enlargement of male breasts is medically known as gynaecomastia. Gynecomastia is common, and in most men affected there is no underlying problem. Male chest reduction is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic surgery procedures amongst men.

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Male Breast Reduction

Type of Anaesthetic


Length of Surgery

1-2 Hours

Nights in Hospital



1-2 weeks off work, 6 weeks before strenuous exercise

Male Breast reduction before and after photo
Male Breast reduction before and after photo

There are a number of options for the treatment of male breast enlargement (gynaecomastia):

  1. liposuction
  2. surgical removal of firm breast tissue
  3. surgical removal of loose skin
  4. a combination of the above

The choice of treatment depends on the nature of the enlargement (firmness of your breast tissue/ presence of loose skin). A good cosmetic outcome is very much dependent on surgical technique. The main risks of surgery include removing too much or too little tissue and unevenness. It is essential that patients are aware of the scars when surgical excision is performed.

Please take the time to read more about the process below…

As experienced plastic surgeons, we have a great deal of knowledge treating patients with gynaecomastia. We will listen carefully to your concerns and make sure that there are no reversible causes for your gynaecomastia. Once we have examined you, we will be able to discuss your options in full. Our approach is to avoid putting large scars on your chest, and so we try not to remove skin if we can avoid it. We perform very aggressive liposuction in all patients taking care not to remove too much or too little of the excess fatty tissue. For some patients, liposuction will be enough. In others, we make a small semi-circular cut around the bottom half of your nipple, and through this, we remove any firm breast tissue that has been left.

If you have a lot of loose skin (common after weight loss), a breast reduction procedure may be required that removes skin. This leaves more obvious scars on the chest.

Male breast reduction Edinburgh Scotland

Male breast reduction using liposuction and breast tissue excision – no skin has been removed

Gynaecomastia surgery scotland

Moderate Gynaecomastia treated with liposuction and breast gland excision – no skin has been removed

What is male breast enlargement?2020-03-12T14:17:36+00:00

Enlargement of male breasts is a condition medically known as gynecomastia. It occurs as a result of enlargement of the glandular tissue and excess fatty tissue in the male breast.

What are the features of gynaecomastia?2020-03-12T14:18:16+00:00

Signs vary from a small amount of extra tissue around the nipples to more prominent breasts. It can affect one or both breasts but usually affects both. The breast tissue may be tender or painful, but this isn’t always the case.

What are the causes of gynaecomastia?2019-05-30T23:40:59+00:00

Gynaecomastia can have several causes. As mentioned above, the majority of cases are physiological (hormonal).

Hormone imbalance

Gynaecomastia can be caused by an imbalance between the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen. Oestrogen is the hormone that causes breast tissue to grow. All men have some degree of oestrogen production, but they usually have much higher levels of testosterone, which counteracts the effects of oestrogen. When the balance of oestrogen and testosterone changes, it can cause a man’s breasts to grow. In most cases, the cause of this imbalance is unknown. Losing weight or doing more exercise will often not improve things as the condition is not caused by excess fat, but rather excess breast tissue.


During puberty, boys’ hormone levels vary.  Many teenage boys have some degree of breast enlargement. Gynecomastia at puberty usually clears up as boys get older and their hormone levels become more stable.

Older age

As men get older, they produce less testosterone. Also, older men tend to have more body fat, and this can cause more oestrogen to be produced. These changes in hormone levels can lead to excess breast tissue growth.

Rarer causes

There are some rare causes of male breast enlargement (such as testicular tumours, liver failure or certain medications) and sometimes a medical examination and blood tests may be needed.

Why do some men consider cosmetic surgery for gynecomastia?2019-05-30T23:42:11+00:00

Some men may feel that they wish to have moob surgery as they feel embarrassed about their breasts. Name calling and teasing are common among teenagers, and many men feel embarrassed or self-conscious. Men with gynaecomastia may avoid wearing tight tops or going topless while on holiday.

What are my options for treatment of gynecomastia?2019-05-30T23:43:12+00:00

If you are going through puberty, then you can be reassured that with time, your gynaecomastia will usually improve. This can feel like a long time to wait, but plastic surgery is not an option until you are at least 18 years old.

If you are overweight, then it is essential to try to lose weight. Weight loss may help resolve your gynecomastia.

Men who are at a healthy weight should ensure that they are not using any medications or substances that may be contributing to their breast enlargement.

Gynaecomastia surgery may be an option if reversible causes have been ruled out and you remain self-conscious.

Male breast reduction in NHS in Scotland?2019-05-30T23:44:19+00:00

Cosmetic surgery is not routinely available under the NHS in Scotland. Referral is governed by the Adult Exceptional Aesthetic Referral Protocol (AEARP).

You might be a candidate for male breast reduction surgery if you have severe gynaecomastia or breast asymmetry that is impacting on your life. You should see your GP in the first instance to make sure that there are no reversible causes for your gynecomastia. Your GP will carry out a physical examination and may request blood tests to check things such as your levels of testosterone. If your GP feels that your gynaecomastia is severe and will not respond to diet or exercise, they may refer you to a plastic surgeon or breast surgeon for gynecomastia treatment.

Exclusions to referral include being overweight (Body Mass Index higher than 27) and mild enlargement. Before consideration, photos will usually be requested. If you are judged to have severe gynaecomastia, then you may be asked to attend to see a psychologist for assessment.

What is the surgical management of gynecomastia?2019-05-30T23:45:15+00:00

You might be suitable for surgical treatment of gynecomastia (gyno surgery) when other options (weight loss/ exercise) and any reversible causes have been excluded. Broadly speaking there are three options:

  1. liposuction
  2. gland excision
  3. skin excision

The options above can be combined.

How do I know if liposuction alone will correct my breast enlargement?2019-05-30T23:58:00+00:00

Liposuction works very well when the quality of your skin is good (as it is in most younger men) and your skin has not been stretched significantly from previous weight gain and loss.

Having said this, the main factor influencing whether liposuction will work alone without surgery is related to how firm the breast tissue is underneath the nipple. In some men, the breast tissue is so firm that liposuction may not work and a small cut is required in the lower half of the nipple to remove the breast tissue surgically.

gyno surgery liposcution scar position

Incision placement for gynaecomastia liposuction

What if my breasts are firm?2019-05-30T23:50:25+00:00

If you have firm tissue just under your nipples, it is unlikely that liposuction alone will work. Liposuction can still be used to deal with the fatty tissue and to help tighten the skin. Once the liposuction has been completed, a small semi-circular incision is made around the areolar. The incision allows your surgeon to remove any remaining firm glandular tissue. The wounds closed with either dissolvable or non-dissolvable stitches.

Moob surgery scotland scar position

Typical incision placement for gynaecomastia gland excision

When would I need a skin excision?2019-05-30T23:56:49+00:00

If you have very severe breast enlargement with a lot of loose skin, you might need skin removal. If the skin is not removed in these instances, it will not stretch back and potentially leave you with loose folds of skin that look unsightly.

The main disadvantage of skin removal is that it leaves quite noticeable scars across your chest.

man boob scar position after skin excision Edinburgh

Type of incision after skin excision for severe gynaecomastia

How do I choose a surgeon?2019-05-30T23:55:09+00:00

Several good private clinics are offering Gynaecomastia surgery in Scotland. The General Medical Council (GMC) provide useful information for patients considering cosmetic surgery. You should make sure that you choose a plastic surgeon who is on the GMC Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery and who is a member of BAPRAS or BAAPS.

Ask your potential surgeon to show you examples of their work.

Surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia. The risks of general anaesthesia include deep vein thrombosis (clots to the legs) and pulmonary embolus (clots to the lungs), and we take precautions to reduce this risk. Other risks include chest infection. The risks of having a major complication following planned general anaesthesia are approximately 1 in 100,000.

The risks specific to gynaecomastia surgery include:

Bleeding – This is very uncommon when liposuction has been performed, but sometimes a collection of blood (haematoma) may form and this can require a return to theatre to remove the blood and stop any bleeding.

Infection – Uncommon and can usually be treated with antibiotics.

Seroma – This is a collection of body fluid which may require drainage in the clinic and usually settles on its own. It is uncommon.

Scars – You will be shown pictures of typical scars. Scars can be unpredictable and can sometimes be thickened (keloid) and red.

Under or over correction – Taking too little or too much tissue. If too much tissue a removed a contour defect may result.

Lumpiness and unevenness – Your breasts will feel lumpy for several months, and it is not uncommon to have minor degrees of unevenness.

Skin retraction – If you have a significant excess of skin, it may not fully retract following the removal of the fatty tissue, you will be shown several photographs illustrating how every individual’s skin responds in different ways.

Numbness – It is common to have areas of the skin that will feel numb, and most of this numbness recovers over time.

Revision surgery – Some patients may require revision surgery to deal with complications or unsatisfactory cosmetic outcomes.

You may be up and about in 2 days, but it will be a few weeks before you are entirely up to speed.

Your mood may fluctuate after surgery – this is normal. A small amount of blood staining on the inside of your dressings is typical during the first few days.

Discomfort/ Pain

Some pain is typical in the first few days after surgery. You may experience some numbness of your nipples and incision areas. You may experience temporary soreness, tightness and swelling as well as some discomfort in the incision areas. Your breasts may be sensitive to stimulation for a few weeks.

Bruising/ swelling

Your breasts may feel tight and swollen for several days, and bruising is expected. Please note that the bruising gets worse before it improves and may track downwards – this is normal.

If you have had extensive liposuction, your breasts may swell significantly after a few days and feel firm. The swelling is due to a mixture of blood and tissue fluid and can take several weeks to settle down.

Residual lumps/ firmness

It is common to feel areas of hardness, and these can take up to six months to settle down.


Most of the discolouration and swelling will subside in 4-6 weeks.

Any scars you have may be red and angry looking for six months. In time, these usually soften and fade.

Quaba Male Breast Reduction Aftercare…

If you have had male breast reduction surgery with us or are considering it – please find some detailed instructions and advise on aftercare following your procedure.

Before you leave the hospital2019-05-23T22:29:09+00:00

Medications – You will be provided with simple painkillers before discharge.

Change of dressings – Your dressings should be left intact until your first postoperative visit.

Follow up appointments for dressing clinics – You will be handed a card with details of your first follow up appointment and contact details for the ward should you have any concerns once you get home.

Male breast reduction instructions2019-05-21T22:25:11+00:00

Have someone drive you home after surgery.

Get plenty of rest.

Start walking as soon as possible; this helps to reduce swelling and lowers the chance of blood clots.

Follow a balanced diet. Decreased activity may promote constipation so you may wish to add more raw fruit and fibre to your diet. Make sure you increase fluid intake.

Take pain medication as prescribed. Do not take aspirin or any products containing aspirin unless approved by your surgeon.

Avoid smoking for at least two weeks, as smoking delays healing and increases the risk of complications.

Avoid alcohol when taking pain medications. Even if you are not taking pain medications, it is advisable to avoid alcohol for three weeks as it can cause fluid retention, which may worsen swelling.

When can I go back to work after male breast reduction?2019-05-21T22:25:57+00:00

This will depend on the extent of surgery, your recovery and your job requirements. We advise patients to take 1-2 weeks off work, but it will vary from individual to individual.

Activities after male breast reduction2019-05-21T22:32:09+00:00

Showering/ bathing – You may bathe once you are home but try not to soak your dressings.

Sleeping position – Sleep comfortably on two or three pillows. You do not need to sleep propped upright. Avoid sleeping on your tummy for at least three weeks.

Clothing – You will benefit from wearing a compression vest. A tight-fitting lycra cycling shirt is usually sufficient, and you should wear one day and night for 4-6 weeks after your surgery.

Driving – We recommend not driving for at least 4-5 days after your surgery as you may be on pain medication.

Exercise– For the first two days, keep your arm movements to a minimum. Your arms should not be used to support your body or lift anything substantial. Do not push your arms to lift yourself in bed. Avoid strenuous activities or any activity that increases your blood pressure for 3-4 weeks. Contact sports should be avoided for at least two months.

Wound care2019-05-21T22:36:10+00:00

Showering– You may shower when you get home.

Follow up2019-05-21T22:34:24+00:00

Weeks 1-2 after your operation – You will attend a specialist nurse clinic to have your dressing changed and sutures removed. You will usually be seen 1-2 times over this period. The nurses may provide you with silicone tapes to help your scars mature.

Six months – You will be asked to arrange a follow-up appointment with your surgeon at six months to discuss the outcome of your surgery and any concerns you may have.

Please note – Some of our patients will get in touch before their six months follow up appointment, and we are often able to address any concerns you may have over the phone or via email. You are welcome to make an appointment (at no cost to you) before your six months follow up if you wish to be seen in person to discuss any issues.

Scar management2019-05-23T22:43:28+00:00

Healing is a gradual process, and your scars may remain slightly pink for up to 12 months.

You should start gently massaging your scars from 2-3 weeks after surgery.

Avoid exposing scars to direct sun for 3-4 months.

Always use a strong sunblock, if sun exposure is unavoidable (SPF 30 or higher).

When to call2019-05-21T21:54:38+00:00

If you have increased swelling or bruising which is not settling.

If you notice swelling of one/ both of your legs or feel short of breath – this may indicate a clot in one of your veins/ lungs – Deep vein thrombosis/ Pulmonary embolism.

If you have increased redness along the incision (this may be a sign of infection).

If you have severe or increased pain not relieved by medication.

If you have any side effects to medications; such as, rash, nausea, headache, vomiting.

If you have a temperature over 38 degrees Celsius.

If you have any yellowish or greenish discharge from the incisions.

If you have bleeding from the incisions that is difficult to control with light pressure.

If concerned, please call Beechwood House on 0131 316259 between the hours of 8am-8pm or after that on 0131 334 0363.

Male breast reduction liposuction +/- gland excision from £4000

Male breast reduction including skin excision from £6000

Consultation £150

All-inclusive costs for one year following surgery


Male Breast Reduction

Type of Anaesthetic


Length of Surgery

1-2 Hours

Nights in Hospital



1-2 weeks off work, 6 weeks before strenuous exercise

Integrity and attention to detail are our key elements for the provision of successful cosmetic surgery

Your care is led by Consultant Plastic Surgeons and is Hospital-Based.

Call us in confidence on 0131 342 0020 to discuss the options

What our patients have to say…

Feedback is from external review sites such as Google and RealSelf

Breast implants – Top Surgeon Highly Recommended

Excellent from start to finish. Listened to everything that I had to say. Any questions I had to ask even after surgery I got a very prompt response. The results I have achieved are amazing. Highly recommended.

Breast Augmentation – Recommend

His work as a surgeon fantastic,
,manner and explained ever step from the start to the finish ..
I was very well informed and took time to explain everything.
Can’t say anything bad about my experience . Recommend anyone that has any worries to go with Omar as he will make sure u understand.. what’s going to happen .

Philosophical8201, Realself Jul 2019

Breast Augmentation – Fantastic Experience

Omar was an absolute pleasure to work with. From day 1 at my first consultation he made me feel at ease, and was very keen to ensure he gave me the result that I wanted. He talked me through all my options and explained the potential risks. He offered me a free second consultation to discuss further questions that I might have. On the day of surgery he came to see me before and after the surgery and was very reassuring. I found Omar to be very friendly and open, and most of all he listened to what I wanted my end result to look like. I am very happy with my whole experience and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone else.

VictoriaLee, Realself Jul 2019

Breast Augmentation – Top quality surgeon

After having a consultation with another surgeon from a well known clinic I left feeling like the surgeon had no interest in my personal needs. I went to see Omar Quaba after doing a fair bit of research into his work.

On seeing him I was extremely nervous and self conscious of my body. Omar was very sympathetic and arranged for me to see a psychologist in order to make sure I was doing it for the right reasons. This would have cost £150 but Omar paid for it himself. This was a general conversation going over how I felt and why I was having the procedure done. It was a good experience.

After this, I returned to Omar to discuss the procedure and dates. I only paid for one consultation and everything after was free.

I felt like I had no chest at all and I wanted to feel more feminine. I wanted a fuller more natural look. I think I was a 34AA at the time but I never got measured as I was too self conscious. Omar took my dimensions and gave me options for implant size. I wasn’t entirely sure of what I wanted so I gave an indication of two sizes and Omar said he would go for what he thought looked best on the day. I had 240cc and I ended with a full C cup. Omar was very good at understanding my needs. I tried on some implants in his office with the assistance of a nurse to give me an indication of size, this was very helpful. There was no rush for me to make a decision.

On arriving to the hospital I was taken into a lovely clean private room. The staff were nice and very attentive. I was given an indication of timing for surgery and relaxed in the room for an hour or two. After surgery I woke up feeling tired but completely normal and excited. Staff were in and out giving me medication and making sure I was ok, I didn’t feel any pain. As I was staying overnight I was given lunch and dinner, this was good quality food which you would expect from a restaurant rather than a hospital. I couldn’t rate this experience highly enough.

Since then I have been extremely happy with my results. I had the procedure one year ago and I have had no problems at all. Naturally there is a healing process which every patient goes through such as tenderness, swelling and sleeping in the correct position for a while but my stitches came out fine and the results look great. I didn’t want anyone at work knowing which I thought may be an issue but surprisingly this wasn’t a problem because I wore loose tops and nobody noticed.

I highly recommend Omar Quaba. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and one year on I am still very happy with my results.

Breast implants – Great Experience

A very positive experience. Mr Omar Quaba was realistic and aimed with precision towards achieving the closest reality possibly for my expectations. Explained everything to me and kept me informed about everything related to my surgeries. Offered support throughout the decision making, and the healing process.

Plastic Surgery2m, Realself Jun 2019

Breast Augmentation – Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Mr Omar Quaba to anyone thinking of getting any cosmetic procedures. He fully explains everything you need to know from the beginning and takes into consideration your individual needs. I felt completely at ease throughout the process and I trusted him fully to make the best decisions about my procedure to ensure I got the best results.

Breast Augmentation – Great Experience

Very professional and results were exactly as I had asked for! The consultations were helpful and informative. The care in the hospital was great and I would definitely recommend to friends or anyone.

Breast lift with implants – Amazing experience

Mr Omar Quaba was brilliant from start to finish with my procedure. I experienced a very professional and honest journey and had full trust in him as a surgeon for my complex procedure.

My results have turned out amazing and I can’t believe the difference from my before and after pictures which he kindly sent me over.

I Would highly recommend to anyone and can’t be thankful enough for making me feel a lot better within myself.

erinmclaren, Realself Nov 2018

Breast augmentation – Outstanding results

Mr Quaba (Omar) took time to understand what I was looking to achieve and guided me on what would be the best results for my physique and body shape.
I am athletic and wanted a really natural result and Mr Quaba genuinely exceeded my expectations. Thoroughly professional, down to earth and understanding of your requirements.

Breast augmentation – 5 star

I was more than happy with Dr Omar Quaba from my first consultation till my 6-month post opp. Dr Quaba is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable, there is no pressure what so ever. Every option is spoken about even the option of not needing to have the surgery done which makes you know he cares about each individual patient not just the business he is receiving. The results i have are more than what i imagined and have made me much happier. I would recommend Dr Quaba to anyone who is thinking of having surgery.

Amberkeano, Realself May 2019

Male breast reduction – Dr Quaba Quaba is truly exceptional

Dr Omar Quaba is definitely one of the best gynecomastia surgeons in the country and I would wholeheartedly recommend him. Start to finish, the whole process was exceptional. Starting with consultation, it was extremely informative and there was always a feeling of care rather than the pressure of sales and Dr Quaba took time to answer all the questions, I had. In fact, he also agreed to see me for a second consultation to clear all my doubts without charging a consultation fee. The operation process was extremely smooth and the all inclusive package with Spire is definitely recommended which includes an overnight stay (meals included) with 24 hr nurse care. Postoperative care was truly exceptional as Dr Quaba always had time to respond to my emails and calls and any issues I had. I learnt from the process that patience is key and with time, you would get the desired result. The body needs a bit of time to heal and post 6 months, true results will be reflected. I can’t thank Dr Quaba enough for the great result. It’s not even a year since I had this operation and when I look in the mirror, even with a microscopic lens, it won’t be possible to determine that there was any surgery done in the concerned area as there are no scars and no marks. Dr Quaba in true sense is a genius.
If you are really looking for surgical treatment for Gynecomastia, go straight to him and it would be the best decision you would have taken in your life, I guarantee.

Breast augmentation – Very happy

After spending a lot of time researching I decided to book a consultation with Quaba Plastic Surgery. During my consultation, Dr Quaba explained all the risks involved with the surgery and made sure I fully understood these. I did not feel pressured at any point to go ahead with booking the breast augmentation. Dr Quaba was very knowledgeable and honest. On the morning of my operation, I met with Dr Quaba and the anaesthetist, I was given the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns. I felt very anxious but Dr Quaba made me feel at ease.  I’m extremely pleased with the care and treatment I received during my stay in hospital. I just attended my 6 month check-up with Dr Omar and I’m very happy with my results.

Breast reduction – Incredible Dr, incredible outcome. Best decision I’ve ever made

I first contacted Dr Omar Quaba when I was looking into breast reduction surgery. From the initial consultation, I knew I was in safe hands. What I liked best, was that Dr Quaba didn’t rush me into making any decisions. He wanted to ensure I fully understood the risks, and also for me to see the scarring that would occur. This was done using a portfolio so I could see first hand what to expect. My surgery was discussed in depth, with Dr Quaba listening to my thoughts whilst being realistic about the outcome. I would highly recommend Dr Quaba and if I needed anything in the future, he would absolutely be my first port of call.

Breast augmentation – Wish I’d done it earlier

The service I received from Dr O Quaba was excellent, from initial consultation to post-op aftercare.
He understood exactly what I wanted and 6 months on I am delighted with the natural result he created.
Highly recommend!

Breast augmentation – Great experience and great results

I was extremely happy with my experience with Dr Omar Quaba from my initial consultation, my procedure and follow up. He is professional, reassuring and kept me very informed throughout. I felt very comfortable with him and would thoroughly recommend him. I got a great result as well and am so so happy.

Breast Reduction – An A experience with great results and a fantastic surgeon

If you are thinking about this….. do it! I wish I had had my breast reduction years ago. Omar Quaba will reassure you, explain everything and answer any questions you have. He is an amazing surgeon and very kind and approachable. I would recommend him for any plastic surgery, I have fantastic results and I am so happy with the result. It has made a huge difference to my life.

Suzi Jackson, Realself Jan 2019

Breast implants – Trusting experience

Dr O Quaba was Very helpful when giving advice to what type and size of implant would be best for me and my lifestyle as a busy Mum and full-time fitness lecturer/instructor. He was Friendly, understanding and approachable. Dr O Quaba was happy to answer all questions and explained every query I had to give me full understanding before, on the day of surgery and during my post op aftercare.

mariemclellan, Realself Jan 2019

Breast reduction – First class experience

After considering breast reduction surgery for many years, I decided in 2017 to take the plunge. After a colleague recommend Quaba Plastic Surgery, I booked a consultation with Omar Quaba and never looked back. From the first consultation, Omar made me feel at complete ease, which wasn’t an easy job as I was a nervous wreck and explained the entire process in full and frank detail to ensure I had all the facts before making my decision. My reduction was to be a significant one, I was a 34JJ, and Omar made sure I left that consultation with realistic expectations of the possible result of the surgery and the recovery process. I had a lot to think about, however I was convinced leaving the surgery that day that should I go ahead with the surgery Omar Quaba was the surgeon I wanted to do it as I had never felt as comfortable talking about the negative effects my large breast were causing me, having spent years making jokes about them, and to be honest that was the deal breaker for me. From the moment I arrived at the hospital every single member of the team where outstanding, they made sure I was comfortable, explained the process step by step and quickly realised humour was my coping mechanism so we had a few laughs along the way. The Aftercare was exceptional and the result of the surgery was amazing, so far beyond my expectations, I was actually a little overwhelmed and absolutely delighted with my new 34F’s. I can not recommend Omar Quaba and his team more highly, true professionals in every sense.

Breast implant revision – Fantastic, couldn’t be happier

Fantastic. I am so happy I went to Mr A Quaba. Would highly recommend him. After 2 failed breast augmentation’s Mr Quaba had a lot of work to do inside my breast’s and he’s done a fantastic job. I am so happy with the results I can’t thank him enough. I was so worried after my 2nd operation that I would never have the result he has given me. He’s done more than fix my breast he’s also given me my confidence back. He’s a lovely man with a huge heart.
Bright2126, Realself Apr 2019
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