Plastic surgery after weight loss

Plastic surgery after weight loss or massive weight loss is an increasingly important topic for which many patients seek advice.

People lose weight to improve their health and to improve their body image and self-esteem. For many people, losing weight achieves these goals. When large amounts of weight are lost, or patients have had bariatric surgery resulting in massive weight loss, many remain unhappy about the way they feel and look (even though they can appreciate the undoubted improvement and often complete resolution of their medical problems). Dissatisfaction is usually due to the skin which does not shrink well resulting in considerable amounts of excess skin in undesired areas. These folds are common around the abdomen, waist, legs, arms, breast, neck and face. Also, a loss of fat volume in areas where it is needed (such as the breasts) occurs as well.

It is not uncommon for patients who have had massive weight loss to require several procedures. Combined surgery requires careful consultation and planning. Commonly asked for operations include abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), augmentation mastopexy (breast lift with the insertion of implants to restore volume), thigh lifts, buttock lifts and arm lifts and facelift/neck lift.


Prices from

Arm lift £4000

Full tummy tuck £5750

Extended tummy tuck £6250

Liposuction from £2500

Breast Augmentation £4700

Augmentation Mastopexy £6500 – £7500

Consultation £150

All inclusive costs for 1 year following surgery

Discount will apply to second procedures due to reduced theatre/ hospital charges when combination surgery is performed.



Finance is available (subject to application and vetting) through a company working with the Spire Hospital. They offer interest-free loans up to a particular value. They can usually provide a decision online within 15 minutes.


plastic surgery after weight loss

Tummy tuck and breast lift after weight loss (results will vary from patient to patient)


Post weight loss

Type of Anaesthetic
See under relevant procedures
Arm/ thigh/ buttock lifts –

Length of Surgery
See under relevant procedures
Arm/ thigh/ buttock lifts –
1-2 hours each

Nights in Hospital
See under relevant procedures
Arm/ thigh/ buttock lifts –
1-2 days

See under relevant procedures


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