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It is inevitable that some women will need to replace breast implants over time if their implants are causing problems. Revision breast surgery can be complex, and we present some case studies to show various problems and solutions to them. There is a range of revision breast augmentation photos to view.

* Photo Disclaimer…

All revision breast implant before and after photos are of patients who have given consent for their images to be published on this site. All patients have been operated on by Quaba Plastic Surgery. No claims are made that results are guaranteed to be the same. Results will vary by the individual patient, and no guarantees are made. Images are shown for informational purposes only. View Full Disclaimer

Exchange of breast implants with breast lift and mini tummy tuck*

This lady is in her late 30s and had breast implants inserted many years previously at another clinic. Her breasts had changed shape with time and after having children. She was aware of rippling of her implants and her old implants had been placed over the muscle. She had removal of her old 375cc implants and new 390cc full profile implants were inserted under the muscle. A small breast lift was also carried out to improve the position of her nipples. She also had a mini tummy tuck procedure at the same time. Results are shown at 6 months.

Exchange Of Breast Implants From 330cc To 460cc Full Profile Round Implants *

This lady had breast implants inserted several years previously. She wished to go far a larger breast size. Using a sizing kit we determined an additional volume of around 130cc. She, therefore, had her old implants removed which were 330cc and these were replaced with Sebbin nanotextured round full profile 460cc implants. Results are shown at 6 months.

Removal of breast implants, breast uplift and fat transfer to the breasts *

Lady in her early 50s who had breast implants ten years previously (300cc) at another clinic. She was unhappy with the shape of her implants and wanted them to be removed. The implants were removed, and the patient had a breast lift with fat transfer from her hips to her breasts (lipofilling) to restore some of the lost volume.

Replacement of ruptured breast implants *

The revision breast augmentation photos below are of a patient in her early 60s who had 270cc breast implants placed under the muscle 19 years previously. She had fluctuations in her weight over time, and her breasts had also become droopy (breast ptosis). Additionally, her breast implants had also ruptured over time. Her revision breast surgery included removal of the old implants and cleaning and closure of the old pockets. New pockets (above the muscle) were created, and new 310cc breast implants were put in.

Capsular contracture and implant rippling *

The before and after images below are of a patient who required revision (secondary) breast implant surgery for capsular contracture and upper pole rippling. Her original operation had been carried out approximately four years previously, placing 385 gm implants on top of the muscle (subglandular). The revisional surgery took 3 hours and involved:

1. Removal of the old implants and the surrounding scar tissue ( total capsulectomy)

2.Insertion of new, larger full profile round implants (450 gm) under the pectoral muscle (dual plane)

3. Carrying out breast uplift-reshaping (key-hole short horizontal scar augmentation mastopexy).

Results are at six months postoperatively.

Up-sizing following previous breast augmentation *

Revision breast augmentation photos below are of a patient who had previously had breast augmentation aged 20 years old with McGann round silicone gel implants (180cc in the subglandular pocket). Revision breast augmentation was performed 15 years after her first operation. She had had two children and had breastfed. The new implants were placed under the muscle and were Allergan anatomical (teardrop) 375 cc implants. The follow-up photos are at six months, and she has gone from a 34B to 32DD cup. She had improved cleavage and overall shape.

Correction of high riding implants and up-sizing *

The before and after images below are of two different patients. Patient 1 –  had sub-muscular breast implants that had migrated upwards ‘high riding’. The implants were replaced with anatomical breast implants which were placed at a lower position. Patient 2 – a 33 yr old with 310cc sub muscular implants inserted nine years previously. The implants were “up-sized” to 410cc TSX Allergan implants placed under the muscle.

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What our patients have to say…

Feedback is from external review sites such as Google and RealSelf

Breast lift with implants – Amazing experience

Mr Omar Quaba was brilliant from start to finish with my procedure. I experienced a very professional and honest journey and had full trust in him as a surgeon for my complex procedure.

My results have turned out amazing and I can’t believe the difference from my before and after pictures which he kindly sent me over.

I Would highly recommend to anyone and can’t be thankful enough for making me feel a lot better within myself.

erinmclaren, Realself Nov 2018

Breast augmentation – Outstanding results

Mr Quaba (Omar) took time to understand what I was looking to achieve and guided me on what would be the best results for my physique and body shape.
I am athletic and wanted a really natural result and Mr Quaba genuinely exceeded my expectations. Thoroughly professional, down to earth and understanding of your requirements.

Breast augmentation – 5 star

I was more than happy with Dr Omar Quaba from my first consultation till my 6-month post opp. Dr Quaba is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable, there is no pressure what so ever. Every option is spoken about even the option of not needing to have the surgery done which makes you know he cares about each individual patient not just the business he is receiving. The results i have are more than what i imagined and have made me much happier. I would recommend Dr Quaba to anyone who is thinking of having surgery.

Amberkeano, Realself May 2019

Male breast reduction – Dr Quaba Quaba is truly exceptional

Dr Omar Quaba is definitely one of the best gynecomastia surgeons in the country and I would wholeheartedly recommend him. Start to finish, the whole process was exceptional. Starting with consultation, it was extremely informative and there was always a feeling of care rather than the pressure of sales and Dr Quaba took time to answer all the questions, I had. In fact, he also agreed to see me for a second consultation to clear all my doubts without charging a consultation fee. The operation process was extremely smooth and the all inclusive package with Spire is definitely recommended which includes an overnight stay (meals included) with 24 hr nurse care. Postoperative care was truly exceptional as Dr Quaba always had time to respond to my emails and calls and any issues I had. I learnt from the process that patience is key and with time, you would get the desired result. The body needs a bit of time to heal and post 6 months, true results will be reflected. I can’t thank Dr Quaba enough for the great result. It’s not even a year since I had this operation and when I look in the mirror, even with a microscopic lens, it won’t be possible to determine that there was any surgery done in the concerned area as there are no scars and no marks. Dr Quaba in true sense is a genius.
If you are really looking for surgical treatment for Gynecomastia, go straight to him and it would be the best decision you would have taken in your life, I guarantee.

Breast augmentation – Very happy

After spending a lot of time researching I decided to book a consultation with Quaba Plastic Surgery. During my consultation, Dr Quaba explained all the risks involved with the surgery and made sure I fully understood these. I did not feel pressured at any point to go ahead with booking the breast augmentation. Dr Quaba was very knowledgeable and honest. On the morning of my operation, I met with Dr Quaba and the anaesthetist, I was given the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns. I felt very anxious but Dr Quaba made me feel at ease.  I’m extremely pleased with the care and treatment I received during my stay in hospital. I just attended my 6 month check-up with Dr Omar and I’m very happy with my results.

Breast reduction – Incredible Dr, incredible outcome. Best decision I’ve ever made

I first contacted Dr Omar Quaba when I was looking into breast reduction surgery. From the initial consultation, I knew I was in safe hands. What I liked best, was that Dr Quaba didn’t rush me into making any decisions. He wanted to ensure I fully understood the risks, and also for me to see the scarring that would occur. This was done using a portfolio so I could see first hand what to expect. My surgery was discussed in depth, with Dr Quaba listening to my thoughts whilst being realistic about the outcome. I would highly recommend Dr Quaba and if I needed anything in the future, he would absolutely be my first port of call.

Breast augmentation – Wish I’d done it earlier

The service I received from Dr O Quaba was excellent, from initial consultation to post-op aftercare.
He understood exactly what I wanted and 6 months on I am delighted with the natural result he created.
Highly recommend!

Breast augmentation – Great experience and great results

I was extremely happy with my experience with Dr Omar Quaba from my initial consultation, my procedure and follow up. He is professional, reassuring and kept me very informed throughout. I felt very comfortable with him and would thoroughly recommend him. I got a great result as well and am so so happy.

Breast Reduction – An A experience with great results and a fantastic surgeon

If you are thinking about this….. do it! I wish I had had my breast reduction years ago. Omar Quaba will reassure you, explain everything and answer any questions you have. He is an amazing surgeon and very kind and approachable. I would recommend him for any plastic surgery, I have fantastic results and I am so happy with the result. It has made a huge difference to my life.

Suzi Jackson, Realself Jan 2019

Breast implants – Trusting experience

Dr O Quaba was Very helpful when giving advice to what type and size of implant would be best for me and my lifestyle as a busy Mum and full-time fitness lecturer/instructor. He was Friendly, understanding and approachable. Dr O Quaba was happy to answer all questions and explained every query I had to give me full understanding before, on the day of surgery and during my post op aftercare.

mariemclellan, Realself Jan 2019

Breast reduction – First class experience

After considering breast reduction surgery for many years, I decided in 2017 to take the plunge. After a colleague recommend Quaba Plastic Surgery, I booked a consultation with Omar Quaba and never looked back. From the first consultation, Omar made me feel at complete ease, which wasn’t an easy job as I was a nervous wreck and explained the entire process in full and frank detail to ensure I had all the facts before making my decision. My reduction was to be a significant one, I was a 34JJ, and Omar made sure I left that consultation with realistic expectations of the possible result of the surgery and the recovery process. I had a lot to think about, however I was convinced leaving the surgery that day that should I go ahead with the surgery Omar Quaba was the surgeon I wanted to do it as I had never felt as comfortable talking about the negative effects my large breast were causing me, having spent years making jokes about them, and to be honest that was the deal breaker for me. From the moment I arrived at the hospital every single member of the team where outstanding, they made sure I was comfortable, explained the process step by step and quickly realised humour was my coping mechanism so we had a few laughs along the way. The Aftercare was exceptional and the result of the surgery was amazing, so far beyond my expectations, I was actually a little overwhelmed and absolutely delighted with my new 34F’s. I can not recommend Omar Quaba and his team more highly, true professionals in every sense.

Breast implant revision – Fantastic, couldn’t be happier

Fantastic. I am so happy I went to Mr A Quaba. Would highly recommend him. After 2 failed breast augmentation’s Mr Quaba had a lot of work to do inside my breast’s and he’s done a fantastic job. I am so happy with the results I can’t thank him enough. I was so worried after my 2nd operation that I would never have the result he has given me. He’s done more than fix my breast he’s also given me my confidence back. He’s a lovely man with a huge heart.
Bright2126, Realself Apr 2019
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