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Revision breast augmentation photos

It is inevitable that some women will need to replace breast implants over time if their implants are causing problems. Revision breast surgery can be complex, and we present some case studies to show various problems and solutions to them. There is a range of revision breast augmentation photos to view.

* Before and After Photo Disclaimer:

All revision breast implant before and after photos are of patients who have given consent for their images to be published on this site. All patients have been operated on by Quaba Plastic Surgery. No claims are made that results are guaranteed to be the same. Results will vary by individual patient, and no guarantees are made. Images are shown for informational purposes only. Full Disclaimer

Exchange of breast implants from 330cc to 460cc full profile round implants*

The lady had breast implants inserted several years previously. She wished to go far a larger breast size. Using a sixing kit we determined and additional volume of around 130cc. She therefore had her old implants removed which were 330cc and these were replaced with Sebbin nanotextured round full profile 460cc implants. Results are shown at 6 months.

Removal of breast implants, breast uplift and fat transfer to the breasts *

Lady in her early 50s who had breast implants ten years previously (300cc) at another clinic. She was unhappy with the shape of her implants and wanted them to be removed. The implants were removed, and the patient had a breast lift with fat transfer from her hips to her breasts (lipofilling) to restore some of the lost volume.

Replacement of ruptured breast implants *

The revision breast augmentation photos below are of a patient in her early 60s who had 270cc breast implants placed under the muscle 19 years previously. She had fluctuations in her weight over time, and her breasts had also become droopy (breast ptosis). Additionally, her breast implants had also ruptured over time. Her revision breast surgery included removal of the old implants and cleaning and closure of the old pockets. New pockets (above the muscle) were created, and new 310cc breast implants were put in.

capsular contracture and implant rippling *

The before and after images below are of a patient who required revision (secondary) breast implant surgery for capsular contracture and upper pole rippling. Her original operation had been carried out approximately four years previously, placing 385 gm implants on top of the muscle (subglandular). The revisional surgery took 3 hours and involved:

1. Removal of the old implants and the surrounding scar tissue ( total capsulectomy)
2.Insertion of new, larger full profile round implants (450 gm) under the pectoral muscle (dual plane)
3. Carrying out breast uplift-reshaping (key-hole short horizontal scar augmentation mastopexy).

Results are at six months postoperatively.

up-sizing following previous breast augmentation *

Revision breast augmentation photos below are of a patient who had previously had breast augmentation aged 20 years old with McGann round silicone gel implants (180cc in the subglandular pocket). Revision breast augmentation was performed 15 years after her first operation. She had had two children and had breastfed. The new implants were placed under the muscle and were Allergan anatomical (teardrop) 375 cc implants. The follow-up photos are at six months, and she has gone from a 34B to 32DD cup. She had improved cleavage and overall shape.

correction of high riding implants and up-sizing *

The before and after images below are of two different patients. Patient 1 –  had sub-muscular breast implants that had migrated upwards ‘high riding‘. The implants were replaced with anatomical breast implants which were placed at a lower position. Patient 2 – a 33 yr old with 310cc sub muscular implants inserted nine years previously. The implants were “up-sized” to 410cc TSX Allergan implants placed under the muscle.

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