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Post pregnancy photos

* Before and After Photo Disclaimer:

All post pregnancy before and after photos are of patients who have given consent for their images to be published on this site. All patients have been operated on by Quaba Plastic Surgery. No claims are made that results are guaranteed to be the same. Results will vary by individual patient, and no guarantees are made. Images are shown for informational purposes only. Full Disclaimer

tummy tuck, breast lift and extensive liposuction *

The photos below are of a patient in her early 30s who had two previous pregnancies and had had a caesarian section. She had a body mass index of 25 before surgery. She had a tummy tuck procedure with tightening of her abdominal muscles (rectus plication). The weight of the removed abdominal tissue was 850 grams. She had extensive liposuction to her flanks, back, hips and thighs with 3850 ml of fat aspirated. She also had a breast uplift (mastopexy). All procedures were combined during the same operative session, and the patient spent two nights in the hospital. No postoperative drains were used. The postoperative results are shown at six months. The last images in the series show the typical bruising and wounds at two weeks.

Abdominoplasty after previous pregnancies*

The photos below are of a lady in her early 30s with two previous pregnancies. She felt self-conscious about the loose skin affecting her tummy and was unable to shift it with regular exercise. A full tummy tuck procedure was performed, and the scar has been kept as low as possible below the bikini line. The outcome is shown at six months.

Large volume implants in a patient with previous pregnancies *

The patient below is in her mid-30s having completed her family of two. She wore a 34A bra and wished a significant increase in breast size. She also had a minor degree of breast asymmetry. She had subpectoral (dual plane) breast enhancement using a 420cc implant on her left and a 400cc implant on her right. Results are shown at six months, and her current bra size is a 34E.

augmentation mastopexy *

The photos below are of a patient in her 40s who has had children and breastfed. She was unhappy with the loss of breast volume and sagginess of her breasts (postpartum breast hypoplasia). She has had an augmentation mastopexy which consists of a breast lift combined with breast implants. She had 225cc full profile anatomical (teardrop) implants and had gone from a size 32B to 32-34D cup size. The results are shown six months postoperatively.

breast augmentation *

The images below are of a patient in her mid-thirties who has previously had children and breastfed. She had lost significant breast tissue volume and felt that her breasts were empty. 255-gram anatomical (teardrop) implants where used (MX410 Allergan) in subpectoral (dual plane) pockets. The patient went from a 34AA to 34C cup size.

augmentation mastopexy with tummy tuck *

The before and after photos below are those of a patient who had an augmentation mastopexy (breast lift with implants inserted as a single stage procedure). She also had a tummy tuck with liposuction carried out at the same time. The postoperative results are at six months.

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