Before and after plastic surgery photos

Before and after plastic surgery images can be a useful guide to what can be achieved in cosmetic surgery.


These pages provide links to a variety of before and after cosmetic surgery photos of procedures performed in Edinburgh UK by Quaba Plastic Surgery.

We aim to give a balanced representation of results. All images are of patients that have been treated in this practice alone and have consented to the use of their photos on this website. Our aim is to provide a collection of images of real patients, providing information on the full spectrum of cosmetic plastic surgery.

We have one of the UK’s most extensive before and after photos galleries of plastic surgery procedures. You will find images of all commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures such as eyelid cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, facelift surgery, breast augmentation, breast lift and revision breast surgery, tummy tuck surgery, male breast reduction (gynecomastia), liposuction and facial fillers. We add new images on a regular basis.

Before and After Photo Disclaimer:

All before and after photos are of patients who have given consent for their images to be published on this site. All patients have been operated on by Quaba Plastic Surgery. No claims are made that results are guaranteed to be the same. Results will vary by individual patient, and no guarantees are made. Images are shown for informational purposes only. Full Disclaimer

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