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At Quaba Plastic Surgery, we have expertise in ear surgery


We carry out Prominent ear correction in Edinburgh for both children and adults. Your surgery will be carried out by fully accredited Consultant Plastic Surgeons who are on the GMC specialist register for plastic surgery and are full members of BAPRAS.

We also repair split earlobes under local anaesthetic.


Prominent Ears

Approximately 1-2% of the population have ears that stick out too far. For some people, this can cause them to become self-conscious, and name-calling and teasing can occur. Prominent ears can run in families and a generally not associated with other conditions. Most prominent ears often lack a normal fold, and sometimes one ear is more prominent than the other. Prominent ears can be corrected by an operation known as pinnaplasty or otoplasty.


What is a pinnaplasty?

Pinnaplasty is the name given to the operation to correct prominent ears. The procedure is also known as otoplasty (oto = ear).

The operation involves shaping the skin and cartilage behind the ear so that it is pulled back to look less prominent. The procedure usually lasts between one and two hours. In children, the operation is carried out under a general anaesthetic, but in adults, it is generally carried out local anaesthetic.

In children, pinnaplasty is best carried out after a child is six years old and can understand why they are having the procedure.


Prominent ear correction complications

Prominent ear correction carries a high satisfaction rate.

The procedure has the following risks associated:

Bleeding – Uncommon with techniques that use stitches to remould the ear cartilage. If undetected can put pressure on the skin and cause delayed healing or loss of skin and subsequent ear deformity.

Infection – Relatively uncommon and may require treatment with antibiotics. Rarely, a severe infection can lead to pain and ear deformity.

Delayed wound healing – Again uncommon but can result in the wound opening up and not healing properly.

Scars – Usually settle very well and hidden behind the ear. Rarely can be thickened and itchy (Keloid scar) and occurs in patients predisposed to this kind of scarring.

Under correction – Not “pinning” the ear far back enough.

Asymmetry – You should expect minor degrees of asymmetry – this is normal.

Recurrence – A degree of recurrence can occur if the stitches fail.

Suture extrusion – The internal stitches used to correct prominent ears are buried and not dissolvable. In a small number of patients, they may be able to feel the knot of the suture or the stitch can protrude through the skin. If this occurs after 6 months, the stitch can be safely removed with a simple 5-minute procedure under local anaesthetic.

Revision – A small number of patients (approx. 5-10%) may require further surgery to correct residual problems.

Prices from

Split ear lobe correction £750 (one side) £1250 (2 sides)

Prominent ear correction £2500 – £3000

Consultation £150

All inclusive costs for one year following surgery


Finance is available (subject to application and vetting) through a company working with the Spire Hospital. They offer interest-free loans up to a particular value. They can usually provide a decision online within 15 minutes.

Further reading

Information on prominent ear correction from BAAPS

Download an information leaflet

Prominent ear correction

Type of Anaesthetic
Local (most adults)
General (children)

Length of Surgery
1-2 hours

Nights in Hospital
day case

Few days to 1 week off work
6 weeks before contact sports


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