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The appearance of our chin affects the balance of our face. Lost cheek volume can make us look drawn and tired


Chin implants

The chin plays an integral part in the overall balance of our facial features and in particular our profile. For example, a weak chin can make a normal nose appear large, and an already prominent nose seem even more significant. On the other hand, a prominent chin may give the appearance of having too small of a nose or otherwise throwing the face off balance.

The most commonly performed chin procedure (mentoplasty) in our practice is chin augmentation. We have been using silicone implants for over 20 years with little in the way of adverse effects. The procedure is relatively straight forward and produces immediate and effective results. The implant is placed via a small cut between the junction of the lower lip and the lower teeth, and for that reason, there is no visible scar. The main risks of the procedure are an infection, implant malposition or extrusion.

Many of our patients have chin augmentation combined with rhinoplasty, but some will have the procedure in isolation (because they have an otherwise normal nose).

Cheek Augmentation

Prominent, full cheeks give us a youthful, healthy appearance. The ageing process results in loss of cheek volume (flattening) as well as descent (ptosis) of the cheek. Volume loss can make a face appear drawn and gaunt. It may give the appearance of heaviness in the lower face and an aged look.

There are surgical or non-surgical ways to augment a cheek. For non-surgical enhancement, we use fillers which are non-permanent, and these will give an instant correction which lasts 6-12 months. Surgical improvement of the cheeks in our practice is achieved with autologous fat injection. It is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in our practice and can be performed in conjunction with other procedures (most commonly eyelid and facelift surgery). As mentioned elsewhere, some loss of fat cells can occur, and the process may need to be repeated at some point in the future.

chin implants scotland

Chin implant combined with facelift (results will vary from patient to patient)


Prices from

Chin implant £2500 – £3500

Fat transfer cheeks – on enquiry

Consultation £150

All inclusive costs for one year following surgery



Finance is available (subject to application and vetting) through a company working with the Spire Hospital. They offer interest-free loans up to a particular value. They can usually provide a decision online within 15 minutes.


Further information

Advise on chin/ cheek augmentation from BAAPS

Download information leaflet

chin implants, chin augmentation scotland

Before and after chin implant surgery (results will vary from patient to patient)


Chin implants

Type of Anaesthetic
Local or General

Length of Surgery
1-2 hours

Nights in Hospital

2 weeks off work
6 weeks before strenuous exercise


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