Brow lift

Heavy brows that have dropped and make us look tired and contribute to hooding of the outer eyes may be treated with a brow lift


Our brow posture and position has a subtle effect on how others perceive us. Frowning or deep “worry” lines on the forehead give the impression of seriousness or anger, and likewise, a low drooping brow can give the feeling of tiredness and depression.

Our Brow position descends with ageing, and this can manifest itself in a number of ways. One effect of brows dropping (ptosis) is lateral hooding of the upper eyelid skin. Patients often request surgery for their upper eyelids when a brow lift is what they need.

Frown lines (particularly between the eyebrows) can be treated by Botulinum toxin. Deep forehead wrinkles which are always present (static lines) and hooding of the upper eyelids, can only be treated with a brow lift.

Brow lifts are often combined with other surgical procedures such as upper blepharoplasty (see eyelid section) and facelifts.

Types of brow lift

There are many different types of brow lift. We have pioneered our minimal access brow lift (using buried sutures) which raises the outer brow to achieve a youthful look to the upper face and eyes. The technique leaves minimal scars which are hidden in the eyebrow itself and a scar high up in the forehead hidden in the hairline. Older patients and some men with severe brow descent are better treated with what is known as a direct brow lift. A direct brow lift involves removing a crescent of skin above the eyebrow leaving a scar which is usually well hidden at the junction of the upper eyebrow and skin.


How much does it cost?

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Consultation £150

All inclusive costs for one year following surgery



brow lift surgery edinburgh

Before and after brow lift surgery (results will vary from patient to patient)


Brow lift

Type of Anaesthetic

Length of Surgery
1-2 hours

Nights in Hospital

Few days to 2 weeks off work
4-6 weeks before strenuous exercise


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