Mr Awf Quaba has been named as one of three surgeons in Tatler’s Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2017 in the Best for Facelift category.

Best for facelifts Tatler

‘The human face fascinates me,’ says Quaba. Careful, considered and unusually hands-on, this Iraqi-born surgeon has been lifting faces for over 25 years (his cosmetic-surgeon son, Omar, has joined him, which is fortunate as otherwise there’s a six-month wait) and is still as sharp as ever. ‘A facelift is a bigger decision today: there are injectables and lasers to consider before patients commit to surgery,’ he says. The latter might include tightening the muscles to support sunken cheeks, or using an implant to strengthen a weak chin. Those who do commit to surgery are ‘more critical – their expectations are higher’. Which means near-invisible scars (positioned so that the hair can still be worn in its usual style), brighter skin (freshened up using a mild chemical peel) and a result that looks not stretched, not noticeable, but shapelier and smoother. Like you’ve lost weight or been on holiday. ‘After all, no one wants a facelift to be centre stage.’  Tatler Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2017