Thread vein treatment and information

Thread veins are common and harmless, however they are a source of much distress and embarrassment. They can involve any area of the skin but usually affect the legs and face. They can be treated by Laser or microinjections. In general, Laser is considered the treatment of choice for the face while Microsclerotherapy is the gold standard for leg thread veins.

What are thread veins?

The blood supply to our skin flows through tiny networks which are not visible to the naked eye. Thread veins, also called spider or broken veins, are harmless visible expansions of these networks on the surface of the skin resulting in bruised web like patterns that spread across the surface of the skin. It is estimated that cosmetically significant thread veins occur in about 1 in 5 adult women.

Thread veins can be disfiguring and ageing. They can cause a degree of embarrassment during summertime, forcing some women to avoid wearing shorts, skirts and swim suits.

Leg thread veins

Generally speaking, microsclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for thread veins affecting the legs.

Facial thread veins

Laser is the treatment of choice for thread veins affecting the face. Follow the link above and to the left for detailed information on the pulsed dye laser.