Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin (commonly referred to as Botox®, which is a trade name for one specific product), has a diverse range of uses in non-surgical cosmetic medicine.

Its primary use is in reducing wrinkles in several areas of the face, but it may also be used to soften folds in the neck, to reduce the prominence of a ‘gummy smile’, or in the armpits to reduce sweating where excessive sweating is a concern. With careful use, it can also be used to lift the outer eyebrow (chemical browlift).

It works by temporarily reducing the activity of specific muscles, thereby reducing wrinkles while maintaining a natural appearance. An artificial or ‘frozen look’ is to be avoided, and care must be taken in choosing a practitioner considering the widespread availability of Botox.

The most common areas for treatment with botulinum toxin are:

The forehead

The frown area

Crows feet

These areas may be treated in isolation, but it is common for all three to be addressed together to maintain the balance of the facial muscles.

Other areas of the face that may be treated are:

Bunny lines

Chin dimples

Gummy smile