10 July 2015

New website

We have worked closely with Platinum Graphics Edinburgh to refresh our website. As ever our aim is to provide prospective patients and current patients with useful information on plastic surgery procedures.

Our website is critical in putting across our professionalism and ethos and we hope that you find it easy to use and informative. Unlike many other plastic surgery sites we have deliberately avoided the use of any models on our site and all photographs are of real patients operated on in this practice alone.

Our logo has changed to reflect the fact that we are now a team of three Consultant Plastic Surgeons working closely together under the mentorship of our senior surgeon Mr Awf Quaba. Mr Omar Quaba joined the practice in 2014 and Mr Will Anderson is our latest team member who joined the practice this year. Together we have over 60 years worth of combined plastic surgery experience and are able to offer the full spectrum of cosmetic and plastic reconstructive procedures.

We continue to expand our before and after gallery and believe we have one of the most comprehensive image galleries available.

We have just started adding aftercare sections to all our commonly performed procedures to provide our current patients with detailed postoperative instructions. We will aim to complete this over the coming months.

We hope you enjoy the new site.

Quaba Plastic Surgery