Current Service Provision (updated 20th May 2021)

Outpatient Consultations – These have resumed – we will contact you once we have dates to offer

Virtual Consultations: Still available – further information

Surgery: We have started rebooking patients in order of waiting time – it will take several weeks and months to offer all patients dates

Please see further information below

Update – 20th May

All services are up and running. We would ask you to be patient if you have not heard from us. It is going to take several weeks and months before we can offer all patients dates. If you have not heard from us, it is because we are not yet in a position to book you in for your outpatient follow up or surgery. The practice remains incredibly busy with calls and our staff are working flat out to reschedule out patient appointments and surgery. Response times to enquiries may take longer than usual. Thank you for bearing with us.

Update – 18th April

We are making progress!

Spire Outpatient Consultations – Our regular clinics are have been reinstated and these will resume in May at the Shawfair Park site (not at the Murrayfield Hospital). Details are just being finalised and we will let you know when you can start booking your follow up appointments/ new appointments. We will be contacting all patients who are due a follow up as we very much want to see you face to face for your review.

Spire Theatre – We have been given new theatre slots, and can soon start booking patients in for surgery several months in advance. Please be patient – we will contact you to offer you dates. Lists will be at the Murrayfield Hospital for procedures requiring an overnight stay and at Shawfair Park for day surgery procedures.

The Edinburgh Clinic (Colinton) –  Outpatient appointments and theatre (day surgery) will recommence at the start of May. We will be contacting patients soon to arrange clinic and theatre dates. We will be able to offer surgery dates several months in advance.

Kings Park Hospital Stirling – Surgery resuming in May but with a limited number of lists. Some cancelled patients have already been contacted for May dates. We hope to have more regular lists starting in June.

Glasgow Day Surgery Centre – Suitable patients have already been contacted to offer surgery dates in May. We will have more lists available in June.

Patients who have had virtual consultations who are waiting for a face to face meeting – We will be in touch to arrange your consultation.

Please bear with us. Our staff are incredibly busy at the moment dealing with enquiries and trying to rearrange clinics and theatre sessions. It will take us some time to contact all patients and we have to prioritise those that have been waiting for the longest.

Details of how to get to the various clinic and theatre locations can be found on our contact page.

Update – 3rd of April

We have some important updates to announce with the proposed easing of lockdown restrictions.

Spire Hospitals Edinburgh (consultations and surgery)

We had a meeting earlier this week with Spire management. These were the main headlines.

  1. Outpatient appointments for routine patients will restart later this month.
  2. Routine surgery will resume from the 26th of April 2021.
  3. Most of the Spire plastic surgery service is being moved to the Shawfair Park facility on the south side of the city, including all outpatient appointments and all-day surgery procedures.
  4. The only procedures to be carried out at the Murrayfield Hospital will be those requiring an overnight stay (tummy tuck, breast reduction, facelift, combination surgery etc.).
  5. The Spire Hospital has introduced substantial price increases to their hospital fees. These will NOT apply to those patients who already had a date booked with Spire and who had their surgery cancelled by the hospital due to the pandemic.

What does this mean for me?

Patients with previously cancelled surgery and those awaiting follow up appointments after surgery

We will contact all patients in due course to rearrange missed follow-up appointments and reschedule surgery for those who had a previous date. We are still waiting to find out what theatre times and clinic times will be allocated to us by the hospital. We cannot rearrange any appointments and theatre slots until we have these.

New patients and patients waiting for a surgical date (who had not previously had surgery cancelled)

For new patients or those who have had consultations (but were not previously booked for surgery at Spire), please be aware that there will be a significant wait for surgery at the Spire Hospital as our priority will be to reschedule previously cancelled patients and to see those who were unable to attend their follow up appointments. We will be able to see new patients in outpatients. For suitable patients, you will be offered surgery or consultations at other facilities.

The Edinburgh Clinic (consultations and day surgery)

There has been a change of management at The Edinburgh Clinic. We hope to resume services there at the end of April and are awaiting an update from the hospital. We hope to continue providing outpatient clinics and day surgery procedures there. Patients who have had surgery at The Edinburgh Clinic will be contacted to arrange follow up.

Kings Park Hospital Stirling (surgery only)

Kings Park Hospital will continue to support the NHS until the end of April. We have been told that surgery can resume in May on a limited capacity initially. We will reschedule patients that were cancelled in January and start offering dates to other patients once we know what operating time we will be allocated. Patients who have had surgery at Kings Park will be contacted to arrange a follow-up appointment in Edinburgh.

Glasgow Day Surgery Centre (consultations and surgery)

Omar Quaba will be offering consultations and surgery in Glasgow at the Glasgow Day Surgery Centre. This will be for day surgery procedures only, such as breast augmentation, gynecomastia, eyelids and labiaplasty. We will have some regular lists starting in May and can also see patients for consultations there.

Needless to say, the past year has been hugely disruptive for all of us. We are glad that services will resume shortly. We would appreciate it if you can keep an eye on this page instead of contacting us about surgery and clinic dates, as we will keep this page up to date. We have no further information to provide that is not stated here.

Please rest assured that we will contact you as soon as we have a date to offer for either outpatient consultations or surgery.